Aboard a analysis vessel off the coast of Thailand, scientists labeled their catch. The fishing web had transported a “ghost”-like sea creature with peeling pores and skin and “iridescent inexperienced” eyes.

It turned out to be a brand new species.

Researchers spent two weeks trawling the depths of the Andaman Sea in 2018, based on a research revealed on March 6 within the journal Raffles Bulletin of Zoology. Their objective was to check the deep sea life within the space.

Throughout the survey, the researchers discovered a fish like “ghost” with inexperienced eyes, the research stated. At first, they recognized the animal as a identified species, however upon nearer examination, they realized that they had found a brand new species: Chimaera supapae, or the Andaman short-nosed Chimaera.

Chimaeras, also called ghost sharks or ratfishes, are a gaggle of cartilaginous fish that stay within the deep sea, greater than 1,600 meters beneath the floor, the research stated.

The Andaman chimera has a “large” head with “giant”, “iridescent inexperienced” eyes and a “brief”, “blunt-pointed” snout, the researchers stated. Its “skinny” physique is roofed by peeling pores and skin and ends in a thread tail.

A Chimaera supapae, or Short-nosed Chimaera.  Photo by Ebert, Krajangdara, Fahmi and Kemper (2024), shared by David EbertA Chimaera supapae, or Short-nosed Chimaera.  Photo by Ebert, Krajangdara, Fahmi and Kemper (2024), shared by David Ebert

A Chimaera supapae, or Brief-nosed Chimaera. Photograph by Ebert, Krajangdara, Fahmi and Kemper (2024), shared by David Ebert

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Just one immature Andamanese short-nosed chimaera was discovered, and the male measured 20 inches in size, the research stated.

Researchers described the stay coloration of the ghost shark as “uniform darkish brown, with out spots or stripes.” A photograph reveals the brand new species.

The researchers stated they named the brand new species after Supap Monkolprasit, a professor who “devoted his total life to the research of cartilaginous fish in Thailand” and died in 2013.

Thus far, just one Andaman chimera has been discovered within the Andaman Sea about 100 kilometers off the west coast of Thailand, the research stated.

The Andaman Sea is within the Indian Ocean and primarily alongside the coast of Myanmar and Thailand.

The brand new species was recognized by its measurement, physique form, head, colour and different bodily traits, the research stated. DNA evaluation discovered that the brand new species had not less than 7.9% genetic divergence from different ghost shark species.

The analysis crew included David Ebert, Tassapon Krajangdara, Fahmi and Jenny Kemper.

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