Indiana-based startup AgroRenew is on a mission to show watermelon waste into bioplastics, with the purpose of revolutionizing the development business with sustainable alternate options. Co-founders Brian and Katie Southern are behind the initiative, decreasing watermelon waste to micron powder and mixing it with different bio sources to create a 100% biodegradable resin polymer. This strategy minimizes environmental affect whereas addressing the 100 million kilos of annual watermelon waste in southern Indiana.

AgroRenew's modern resolution extends past watermelon, additionally utilizing cantaloupes and pumpkins to supply environmentally pleasant bioplastics. The corporate's $83 million facility close to Vincennes is about to be operational by 2026, signaling a transformative shift in building materials manufacturing.

The strategic design and growth of the ability symbolize AgroRenew's dedication to sustainable practices, providing an answer to the business's plastic air pollution issues.

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