An unidentified lady could expertise diarrhea for all times attributable to extreme bowel harm ensuing from Ozempic injections.

Since November, the lady has joined a gaggle of twelve people in submitting a lawsuit in opposition to Novo Nordisk, the father or mother firm of Ozempic and the sister drug Wegovy. All of the actors say that the injections led to gastroparesis, a uncommon situation that impacts the pure motion of the abdomen muscle mass.

In line with the lawsuit, the lady acquired a analysis of “life-threatening bowel harm” after utilizing Ozempic. This led to surgeons performing an eight-hour operation to attempt to restore his colon. Regardless of surviving this essential medical episode, medical doctors knowledgeable her that she would have ache “for the remainder of her life” and would by no means have a stable bowel motion once more.

The lady now claims that Novo Nordisk didn’t correctly warn concerning the threat of gastroparesis on the drug's packaging. It isn’t clear if she used the treatment for weight reduction or diabetes remedy. Additionally, the length of their treatment use earlier than the incidence of intestinal harm is unknown.

Initially developed for individuals with sort 2 diabetes, medical doctors have prescribed Ozempic and Wegovy to assist sufferers drop extra pounds. Administered as soon as every week by way of injection into the abdomen, thigh or arm, these medicine, referred to as semaglutide, assist the pancreas to launch the suitable quantity of insulin when blood sugar ranges are excessive.

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