About 1,109 kilograms of cocaine value TT$515,285.76 had been discovered on the shore of Cove Property, Tobago, which sparked a large-scale investigation. In an unrelated case, police gear was found hidden within the Carapo district. Each incidents spotlight the challenges confronted by legislation enforcement within the combat towards crime.

Within the serene setting of Cove Property, Tobago, an occasion passed off on February 18, 2024, which appeared extra like a script than the quiet life normally related to the island. A black plastic bag, carrying a cargo not supposed for these shores, was found washed ashore. Inside, about 1,109 kilograms of cocaine with an estimated avenue worth of TT$515,285.76, a fortune by any customary. This discovery launched a full investigation by the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS), involving the Tobago Divisional Process Pressure and the Particular Intelligence Unit, into how this vital quantity of unlawful medication discovered its technique to the island


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