Chance The Rapper responds to suggestion he's flopped: "N****s was saying I fell off when I was in high school!" | Big Indy News
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Chance The Rapper responds to suggestion he’s flopped: “N****s was saying I fell off when I was in high school!”



Chance The Rapper has responded to suggestions online that his career has “fallen off”.

The rapper was talking to The Breakfast Club earlier this week when co-host Charlamagne Tha God asked him about how he deals with negative criticism of his work.

“How hard is it to not feed into criticism you may see of yourself online? Because there is a lot of chatter online that they like to say Chance the Rapper fell off, that’s their language,” Charlamagne asked him in the studio, the footage of which you can watch below.

“Man. I don’t know,” Chance replied. “To me it’s like, I could do one of two things: I could either agree with it, or I could live my life. If I agree with it, then that means The Breakfast Club fell off, ’cause y’all don’t have people that fell off sitting in your chair I don’t think, usually. And so I feel like I gotta stay on my path.”

He then went on to say that he was facing such criticism as early as high school, a few years before the release of his celebrated mixtapes such as 2013’s ‘Acid Rap‘.

“N****s was saying I fell off when I was in high school,” the rapper said. “I made four mixtapes! N****s was telling me in high school, ‘Your last tape was better.’ I’m like, ’N***a, I’m 15!’

He continued: “I can joke about it, but it is tough, but it’s like, I don’t know, what can I say? Tell people that my feelings are hurt?”

Chance explained that he doesn’t let nasty remarks get in the way of his career and that he intends to keep creating music independently for as long as he can.

“I could listen to people that think about artists like they’re fucking Pokémon cards, like these commodified trading cards that’s like, ‘Oh, your fucking 2K rating just went down.’ Like, fuck them n****s, these n****s is lame as hell!” he said.

“They’ve never been on,” he added. “If I fell off, at least I was on.”

Meanwhile, Chance has opened up about last year’s leaked footage of himself being yelled at by Kanye West, saying that the interaction made him “evaluate” their friendship.

In January 2021 a video emerged of Chance and West in the studio together for a ‘DONDA’ recording session. It appeared to show West — now legally known as Ye — growing increasingly agitated before lashing out at Chance, telling him to sit his “ass down and listen to the album or leave”.

The clip was part of a ‘DONDA’ documentary being made by Dame Dash. In his narration of the scene, Dash said Chance had come out to see West due to the publicity surrounding his declining mental health.

“I did come out there to check on my friend,” Chance confirmed. “Me and a lot of other people still have love for Ye. But he’s human, he’s not perfect. He was obviously going through it at that time … It made me evaluate my friendship with him, for sure. I had never been so close to him going through an episode.”

He added: “At the end of the day, I definitely love the dude. That’s my guy. It sucks that sometimes people can exploit a moment that is a genuine moment.”

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Red Hot Chili Peppers’ John Frusciante announces new electronic double album ‘I’ and ‘II’



John Frusciante has shared details of a double electronic music album, ‘I’ and ‘II’.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist is releasing two versions of the record. ‘I’ (pronounced “one”) features seven tracks on vinyl while ‘II’ (pronounced “two”) features a higher number of songs for CD and digital formats.

There is a bonus track on ‘I’ that doesn’t feature on the CD/digital version but overall there are fewer songs because “some of the tracks have sounds that cannot be pressed on vinyl”.

It’s not clear if ‘I’ and ‘II’ together make up a double album or if each version is a double album in itself. A tracklist is yet to be released.

‘I’ and ‘II’ will arrive via Avenue 66, a sub label of Acid Test Records, in early 2023.

Frusciate said in a statement (via Mixmag): “After a year and a half writing and recording rock music, I needed to clear my head. I listened to and made music where things generally happen gradually rather than suddenly.

“I would set up patches on a Monomachine or Analog Four and listen to them, hearing one sound morph into others, making changes to a patch only after having listened for quite a while, gradually adding elements, and finally manipulating the sounds on the fly.”

He continued: “Music being a solitary sculpture in sonic space was the main motivating thought. I was looking at pictures of sculptures and trying to make music that simultaneously conveyed both movement and stillness.

“I’ve been listening to music like this since I was 13 or so, but I felt that making it was out of my reach because of the amount of restraint I imagined it required. Once I found myself making this music, it did not feel like a matter of restraint at all.

“The music seeks to just exist, and is not attempting to manipulate or grab the listener in any way. I believe it works well if one listens loud and focuses on it, but also works well at soft volumes and in the background.”

Frusciante released his latest solo album, ‘Maya’, in 2020. ‘I’ and ‘II’ will mark his 12th and 13th solo albums.

Red Hot Chili Peppers receiving their star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Meanwhile, the Red Hot Chili Peppers have announced a 2023 tour of North America, the UK and Europe, with The Strokes, Iggy Pop and more all set to support.

The band, who returned in 2022 with two new albums – ‘Unlimited Love’ and follow-up ‘Return Of The Dream Canteen’ – will continue their global tour from next March, which will see them head out on a run of dates which begin in Vancouver, Canada.

North American dates run until the end of May, before the band head to the UK and Europe in June.

Tickets for all dates go on sale on Friday, December 9 at 10am local time. Buy UK tickets here and buy North American and European tickets here.

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Tory Lanez released from house arrest for Megan Thee Stallion trial



Tory Lanez has been released from house arrest at a judge’s discretion in order to prepare for a trial over an allegation that he shot Megan Thee Stallion in 2020.

The rapper (real name Daystar Peterson) is accused of shooting Megan Peet in the foot in July of that year during a drunken dispute that unravelled following a pool party at reality star Kylie Jenner’s house in California.

Peterson has denied the assault charge. Yesterday (December 5) the songwriter was freed from house arrest, which he’d been placed under following allegations that he assaulted musician August Alsina in Chicago in September, as the jury selection opened.

The rapper has denied assaulting Alsina (via AllHipHop).

Rolling Stone reports that there were strenuous objections by prosecutors to Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge David Herriford’s decision.

Deputy District Attorney Kathy Ta objected, arguing that Peterson allegedly tried to “sway” or “intimidate” witnesses previously in the case. She said once testimony begins and everyone is in the same jurisdiction, witnesses might have their “concerns magnified” and “fear” being “in reach of him”.

Jude Herriford said: “I will terminate the house arrest at this point. The main reason is that during trial, it’s difficult to have a client who’s not accessible. I’m doing this mainly for the trial preparation aspect.”

Herriford also rejected Ta’s request that Peterson at least keep his ankle monitor on.

The 10-day trial has now started, with opening statements to begin next Monday (December 12).

Defence lawyer George G. Mgdesyan told the court yesterday that his client never attempted to bribe or intimidate anyone despite Megan telling authorities that Peterson apologised, offered her money, and begged her to stay quiet in the aftermath of the shooting because he purportedly was on probation at the time.

“She says that my client told her to lie and offered her money because he’s on probation and didn’t want to get arrested. My client has never been on probation,” Mgdesyan said.

“If he’s required to have a monitor on his ankle in front of jurors, I think it’s just punitive. It doesn’t serve any purpose. If he’s going to dissuade a witness, all probation is going to know is where he is. It doesn’t mean he can’t meet with that person,” he added.

Lanez has denied trying to buy Peet’s silence following the incident.

Earlier this year, Megan Thee Stallion told Rolling Stone that the other woman with her during the shooting – her former close friend Kelsey Harris – told her after the incident that Peterson offered to invest in her business in exchange for her silence.

Harris was riding in the SUV with Peet and Peterson the night of the alleged firearm assault. She appeared at a hearing in September and was ordered to return this month under a subpoena from prosecutors.

At a preliminary hearing in 2021 a police investigator said that Peet claimed that she heard Peterson shout, “Dance, bitch”, as he allegedly opened fire with a semiautomatic 9mm handgun on a residential street in the Hollywood Hills.

Prior to the gunfire, the detective testified, the group had allegedly got into a verbal fight inside the vehicle over Peterson’s claim that he’d been romantic with Peet behind Harris’ back.

Peterson was formally charged in late 2020 with one count of assaulting Peet with a semiautomatic firearm in a manner that “personally inflicted great bodily injury” and one count of carrying a concealed, loaded, and unregistered firearm in a vehicle.

A protective order bars Peterson from contacting Peet in person or otherwise.

If he’s found guilty as charged at the trial, he could serve a maximum prison sentence of 22 years and eight months.

Last month, Megan Thee Stallion responded to a lyric on Drake and 21 Savage’s new collaborative album ‘Her Loss’ that appears to reference her being shot.

She posted a series of tweets demanding unnamed rappers stop referencing her shooting, beginning by demanding that they “stop attaching weak ass conspiracy theories in bars to my name”.

In a separate tweet, she wrote: “Stop using my shooting for clout… Since when tf is it cool to joke abt women getting shot!”

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Sons of Radiohead’s Thom Yorke and Iron Maiden’s Janick Gers share collaborative single



Noah Yorke, the son of Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke, has teamed up with Dylan Gers, the son of Iron Maiden guitarist Janick Gers, on a new single called ‘Red Skies’.

Announcing the moody and atmospheric collaboration on social media recently, Dylan wrote: “I hope you enjoy the inner workings of our minds.”

Noah, meanwhile, said that the Michael Smith-produced song was “written and sung by [Dylan] with me on 12 string, bass, vocal harmonies, and piano and some other bits”. He added: “We’re really proud of it. We hope you enjoy.”

‘Red Skies’ arrives via independent label Sly-Tone – tune in below:

Noah Yorke released his first track under his own name ‘Trying Too Hard (Lullaby)’ in September 2021. He’d previously dropped material under the alias Alec Owen, including 2020’s ‘L.E.T.H.A.L.’ album.

Additionally, Noah was a member of London duo Hex Girlfriend (via Consequence). Last month the musician shared the single ‘Lucky Black Cat’, which was “very inspired by Nick Drake and Bruce Springsteen”, as he explained on Instagram.

“It is about the twists and turns of fate and feeling, and my own personal feeling of gratitude for the people i am lucky enough to be around and the things i have managed to do this year,” he said.

Meanwhile, Thom Yorke is currently out on a North American headline tour with The Smile.

In a four-star review of the group’s concert in Brooklyn, New York last month NME wrote: “For a project born in isolation, the trio’s live performance feels like a triumph […] Much like their very first show, The Smile emerges at Kings Theatre spectacularly.”

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