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How Long Until #ReleaseTheBatgirlCut?



Batgirl’s cancellation is just one in a long line of DCEU disappointments. DC has made some changes based on fan demands before – so why not again?

Warner Bros. Discovery recently revealed that they will not be releasing the DCEU Batgirl film in any form – making a #ReleaseTheBatgirlCut inevitable. The nearly finished movie had built up a lot of excitement with fans, as it featured an all-new hero, brought back several industry and DC veterans, and further expanded the DCEU. The announcement of Batgirl‘s cancellation, though, upset many fans who are now pushing for the film’s release, following in the footsteps of #ReleaseTheSnyderCut.

Set to star Leslie Grace, Brendan Fraser, and Michael Keaton, Batgirl had wrapped filming before its cancellation and was nearly ready to be seen. However, due to shifting powers at Warner Bros. Discovery and a change of course for the DCEU, the film was shelved. Batgirl isn’t the first film that has had to be campaigned for by fans, though. When DC released a butchered version of Justice League in 2017, the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut campaign quickly began, petitioning for Warner Bros. to release a director’s cut that stuck with Zack Snyder’s original vision. After years of campaigning, the movement finally paid off when Zack Snyder’s Justice League was released on HBO Max. Due to successes like this, similar campaigns among fans have become increasingly popular, with a campaign for a new Game of Thrones ending, a petition for a different Sonic design in Sonic the Hedgehog, and #ReleaseTheAyerCut for the Suicide Squad all being recent examples.


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Warner Bros. is no stranger to these fan demands, and WB’s canceling of Batgirl has the potential to once again ignite the DC community into starting #ReleaseTheBatgirlCut. Many social media users have already begun expressing their anger and disappointment with Batgirl‘s cancellation, so another organized movement is not a far-fetched idea. #ReleaseTheSnyderCut has already shown that DC can be petitioned into making big moves, so if they truly refuse to release Batgirl, something in the vein of #ReleaseTheBatgirlCut is bound to happen.

Are WBD Likely To Ever Release Batgirl?

Sadly, it seems very unlikely that Warner Bros. Discovery will ever release a finished version of Batgirl in any form. Some industry analysts are suggesting that taxes and money-saving opportunities are behind Batgirl‘s cancellation, which could lead to some complications regarding the film’s release. If Batgirl were truly being used as a tax write-off, that means WBD could never release the film in any monetizable way. So, the only way Batgirl could be released is if WBD released it online for free, or if the company changed its mind – but it would have to be soon.

Why WBD Releasing A Batgirl Cut Would Be Good

Even though some are saying Batgirl isn’t a great film, WBD releasing it would still be a good thing. The main reason for this is that the film is basically done, meaning that the work of hundreds of creatives is being thrown away. Even if a film isn’t good, there are still aspects of any art that can be appreciated, and some great talents had a hand in crafting Batgirl. The canceled Batgirl movie was also set to star Leslie Grace as Batgirl, which is another reason that the film should be released. Women of color are still severely underrepresented in the superhero genre, so having Leslie Grace headline a major DCEU movie would be a major step in the right direction. While Warner Bros. Discovery releasing Batgirl would be a good thing, it seems incredibly unlikely – unless #ReleaseTheBatgirlCut is a success.

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Need A Bathroom Break During Avatar 2’s 3-Hour Runtime? Cameron Says When To Go



James Cameron has a humorous response when asked about the best time to take a bathroom break during Avatar: The Way of Water’s three-hour runtime.

James Cameron reveals the best time to take a bathroom break during Avatar: The Way of Water. The long-awaited sequel to 2009’s highest-grossing film of all time, The Way of Water is once again written and directed by Cameron. The film’s final runtime clocks in at three hours and twelve minutes, a full half-hour longer than the original Avatar. Cameron has defended this long runtime from criticism, pointing out how people have no problem binge-watching television for that amount of time. While TV can be paused for a bathroom break, that obviously isn’t the case in a crowded theater, meaning that audiences, if they are unable to hold it, will have to make a calculated decision about when to go.


During a recent interview with THR, Cameron was asked about the most opportune time to take a bathroom break during The Way of Water‘s lengthy runtime. The Avatar director had a humorous response, saying that audiences can take a trip to the lavatory “any time they want” since they can catch the scene they missed when they see the film in theaters for a second time.

Any time they want. They can see the scene they missed when they come see it again.

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Why Avatar 2 Is So Long

Sam Worthington as Jake in Avatar: The Way of Water.

Avatar: The Way of Water‘s long runtime has been the subject of debate ever since it was revealed to be over three hours, with the final runtime clocking in at 192 minutes. This is one of the longest blockbusters in recent memory, besting the likes of The Batman‘s two-hour and 56-minute runtime and Avengers: Endgame‘s three hours and two minutes. However, the Avatar sequel comes in at just under Cameron’s own Titanic, which is three hours and 14 minutes long.

With a runtime of over three hours, The Way of Water has a chance to correct the original Avatar film’s biggest flaw. The first Avatar has been showered endlessly with praise for its groundbreaking visual effects but criticized for its storytelling and characters. Cameron himself has recognized his own shortcomings and by way of the sequel’s longer runtime, set out to tell a story that is much more nuanced and emotionally complex by focusing on Jake and Neytiri’s close-knit Na’vi family, while still maintaining its spectacle.

Avatar 2’s Box Office Is Counting On Repeat Viewings

Avatar and Avatar 2 Box Office

As is the case with most modern blockbusters, Avatar: The Way of Water‘s success at the box office will count on repeat viewings, and Cameron clearly knows that. The sequel’s budget was revealed to be one of the biggest in Hollywood history at $350 million-$400 million, meaning it will have to be the third or fourth highest-grossing film of all time just to break even, by Cameron’s own estimation. Avatar: The Way of Water is projected to open at $135 million, nearly double the original, but it will have to post several consecutive strong weekends in order to be successful or by a long shot, break the original Avatar‘s box office, which will largely be attributable to repeat viewings.

Source: THR

Key Release Dates

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Muppet Christmas Carol Cast Reveal Their Favorite Songs On 30th Anniversary



The Muppet Christmas Carol Muppets reveal their favorite song from the holiday film. Released in 1992, Muppet Christmas Carol has become one of the most popular reiterations of the classic Charles Dickens tale. Starring Sir Michael Caine as Ebenezer Scrooge, The Muppet Christmas Carol produced a soundtrack that remains a staple with fans during the holiday season. Directed by Brian Henson, the charming musical stars Kermit as Bob Cratchit, Gonzo as Charles Dickens, Robin as Tiny Tim, and Miss Piggy as Mrs. Cratchit.


Now, the Muppet Christmas Carol cast opens up about making the feature-length Muppets film. In a delightful interview for Entertainment Weekly, Ted Lasso star Brett Goldstein sits down with the Muppet Christmas Carol cast on the film’s 30th anniversary. Reflecting on the Muppet Christmas Carol’s legacy, the Muppets share their experience working with Caine, filming in London, and performing their stunts. Speaking on the film’s soundtrack, Kermit, Miss Piggy, Robin, and Gonzo share their picks for their favorite. Check out the Muppets’ answers to their favorite Muppet Christmas Carol songs below:

GOLDSTEIN: What’s your favorite song in the film? Do you have a favorite?

KERMIT: Yeah, they’re all great, in my opinion. It all comes down to our good friend Paul Williams. It was the first time that we’d worked with him since The Muppet Movie. Paul, he’s always been able to take a special feeling and turn it into beautiful music. If you ask me, Paul and [composer] Miles Goodman made every one of those songs a new classic.

MISS PIGGY: Oh, I agree with Kermit, but if I had to pick one song, then I choose, “It Feels Like Christmas.” I’ve always believed that every day should feel like Christmas: joy, glad tidings, and especially —

KERMIT: Lots of presents.

MISS PIGGY: That’s right, Kermit. How did you know?

KERMIT: Well, I’ve known you a long time.

GOLDSTEIN: What about you, Gonzo? What’s your favorite song?

GONZO Well, I’m with Kermit. They’re all great songs. I’m a little bit disappointed, though, that my big solo number, “I’m Charles Dickens and You’re Not,” got cut from the final film.

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Why The Muppet Christmas Carol Soundtrack Was So Successful

Michael Caine with Muppets

Indeed, the Muppet Christmas Carol cast had a great selection of songs to choose from. Written by Paul Williams, the memorable soundtrack includes “One More Sleep ’til Christmas,” “Thankful Heart,” and “It Feels Like Christmas.” Crafted by Williams and Miles Goodman, the collection of songs remains relevant during the holiday season. Last year, the fully remastered soundtrack of The Muppet Christmas Carol was released on vinyl, much to the delight of fans.

Of course, the Muppet Christmas Carol song catalog can’t be discussed without mentioning the lost song “When Love Is Gone.” Sung in Christmas pasts by Scrooge’s fiancé Belle (Meredith Braun), the song is a pivotal turning point for Ebenezer Scrooge. Omitted from the theatrical cut and DVD versions, the ballad will finally be restored for The Muppet Christmas Carol extended cut for Disney+. When asked about “When Love Is Gone” by Goldstein, Gonzo cleverly answered, “Well, if I had any idea it was cannon, I would have made them keep it in the movie.”

For now, Muppet Christmas Carol fans can enjoy the titular cast sharing their hysterical, thoughtful, and insightful input on the making of the iconic film three decades later. Each year, streaming services continue to dole out new holidays film, but longtime classics, such as Home Alone, A Christmas Story, and The Muppet Christmas Carol have stood the test of time and remain staples during the festive season. The Muppet Christmas Carol and its clever storytelling can be enjoyed this holiday season on Disney+.

Source: EW

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How Violent Night Changes Santa’s Origin (& Explains Why He’s SO Brutal)



Spoiler Warning: This article contains spoilers for Violent Night.

Violent Night makes a pivotal change to Santa Claus’ origins to explain his penchant for brutal violence. The film is directed by Norwegian filmmaker Tommy Wirkola, best known for the 2009 Nazi zombie horror-comedy Dead Snow and its 2014 sequel, as well as 2013’s Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters. Violent Night inserts Santa Claus (David Harbour) into a Die Hard-like situation against a gang of mercenaries, which unveils a violent new twist on the seemingly jolly old elf’s backstory.


In one of the quieter scenes of Violent Night, where David Harbour’s Santa is nursing wounds and speaking to trapped child Trudy (Leah Brady) on a walkie-talkie, Santa reveals that he was once a fearsome Viking named Nikamund the Red. Santa experiences great regret for this brutal and ruthless period of his life, which likely explains how this version of Santa is a borderline alcoholic, more interested in having brandy with cookies than milk. However, Trudy suggests to Santa that he can use this dark side of himself to do good, setting the stage for the violent chaos of the rest of the film.

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Violent Night’s Santa Was Once At The Top Of The Naughty List

violent night david harbour
David Harbour in Violent Night

Accompanied by flashbacks of Nikamund the Red in his Viking garb, Santa speaks with pride and regret about how he would smash into the heads of his enemies with his mighty hammer, adding that he would have been at the very top of Santa Claus’ own naughty list. This is a time in Santa’s life that he would rather forget, with him fully embracing the Viking stereotype of pillaging, plundering, and killing, feeding his violent side. However, thanks to Trudy and her family held hostage by Mr. Scrooge (John Leguizamo), Santa taps into his dark past for a good reason.

How Violent Night’s Santa Returns To His Viking Roots

David Harbour as Santa Clause, holding a mallet in Violent Night.

The turning point of Violent Night comes after the arrival of a heavily-armed extraction team, who reveal themselves to be in cahoots with the mercenaries. Distraught over the many added names to his naughty list, Santa takes shelter in a shed, only to come face-to-face with a sledgehammer. This awakens the violent Viking within and Santa Claus’ true nature in Violent Night, and with Bryan Adams’ 1985 holiday hit “Christmas Time” ironically playing in the background, the movie begins to live up to its title with a gory action scene consisting of smashed heads, candy cane stabbings, ice skate beheadings, and a mercenary going through a snowblower.

It would have been easy for Violent Night to simply be a homage to Die Hard with Santa in the John McClaine role and be done with it. However, giving Santa Claus a Viking backstory adds extra layers to his character, especially as he is willing to delve into his dark past and resurrect that forgotten part of himself to save Trudy and her family. This unleashing of Santa’s Viking roots helps to make Violent Night a bloody good time.

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