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Kylie Jenner Called Out After Posting A Video In Her Cosmetics Lab Without A Hairnet Or Gloves



“In the lab creating new magic for you guys 💕”

In 2015, Kylie Jenner launched her Kylie Cosmetics empire at the age of 18.

She kicked off by selling lip kits, and her millions of dedicated fans across the world saw it become an instant success.

As a result, Kylie has since branched out into many other products, including eyeshadow palettes, highlighters, and skincare.

And seven years later, Kylie wants to prove that she is just as involved with her company as she was when it all began. So she documented her brief trip to the Milan factory to give her followers a glimpse behind the scenes.

The billionaire entrepreneur shared a short vlog from the trip on TikTok, where she explained that she was only in the Italian city for 24 hours.

“To visit all of the make-up factories,” she added. “To check on new Kylie Cosmetics stuff coming that I’m very excited about.”

Once inside the factory, Kylie could be seen wearing a white lab coat as she observed and worked with some of the products’ ingredients.

Kylie was filmed mixing what appeared to be a shimmer and powder, as well as some kind of concealer or foundation.

At one point, she took a swab of product out of the container and dabbed it on her hand to test the coverage, and the video ended with her checking out a pressed powder.

“Perfecting new @kyliecosmetics in italy today 💕,” she captioned the TikTok.

Over on her Instagram page, Kylie shared some photos alongside the video clips from the factory, writing: “In the lab creating new magic for you guys 💕 better than ever. @kyliecosmetics.”

But her followers were less than impressed by the video, with many pointing out that she was mixing and handling products while ignoring basic health and safety procedures.

In fact, they noted that aside from the lab coat, Kylie wasn’t wearing any PPE — including a hairnet and gloves.

Instead, her long dark hair was loose and tumbling over her shoulders in many of the shots, and Kylie’s long, manicured nails were also exposed with jewelry on her fingers.

Her Instagram post was quickly flooded with comments from followers pointing this out, with some asking if they should expect Kylie’s hair in the new products.

“I just see so many lab rules not being followed,” one fan remarked.

She was even called out by Emmy Award–winning makeup artist Kevin James Bennett, who commented: “Working with cosmetic manufacturers (and their labs) is part of my job. I have very short hair, and I’ve NEVER been allowed into the lab without a hair net…AND GLOVES.”

“Why are you gaslighting your followers?” he asked. “And what ignorant lab let you touch things without following proper sanitation protocols?”

And it wasn’t long before the discourse made its way over to Reddit, with many criticizing Kylie for not practicing proper sanitation protocols while in the factory.

“I love the smell of contamination in the morning,” one person wrote. Another added: “My first thoughts & feelings as well. The hair, eyes, clothes. She’s a hazard.”

Another commented: “Put your gloves on! We don’t know what’s under those fake nails?!” Meanwhile, someone else addressed the hair, writing: “That hair just dragging over everything 💀”

Some pointed out that other influencers with makeup lines have also been to their factories but managed to follow proper protocol, unlike Kylie.

Twitter: @jeffreestar

“Sis hair everywhere?!” one user wrote. “I bring up Jeffree Star bc of the whole series w/ him in the lab w/ Shane Dawson to formulate their palette and they both even w/ short hair wore hair nets and protective gear when in the lab and on the production lines..”

One person replied: “Girl I thought the same thing!! Jeffree even had to take his long nails off before when he was going to the lab!”

FINALLY… In just 2 weeks it’s time for the iconic #FuckProof mascara to restock!! ❤️ I was just in the lab making sure everything is perfect with my amazing chemists and operational team 💯 #CEO #JSC

Twitter: @jeffreestar

As a result, it didn’t take long for people to claim that the trip was nothing more than a staged photo op. “She could really make it more believable if she at least tied her hair up or something, this is just comical,” one social media user commented.

“I feel like that’s how you just know this is staged,” another person went on. “There’s no way she would be allowed to walk around like that if these were actually products to be sold.”

And considering the recent scrutiny that Kylie has faced for her excessive use of her private jet, some were surprised that she’d openly post about taking a 13-hour flight for just 24 hours.

“Lmao she’s gotten so much shit about flying for bullshit reasons and she just does it yet again. I bet she was there for like 5 min no longer than that,” someone said.

Another popular comment read: “Flew all the way to Milan just to pretend she in the lab making new products that are going to end up being repeat colors of previously released products.”

Kylie sparked fierce backlash last month when she was called out for regularly taking flights less than 15 minutes long. She ended up being branded “a full time climate criminal.”

However, it was later revealed that on the list of celebs emitting the most CO2 through their private jet usage, Kylie hadn’t even made the top 10.

Meanwhile, a report allegedly pointed to Taylor Swift as the celeb with the worst CO2 emissions so far this year, which were 1,000 metric tons more than the celebrity who placed second on the list, Floyd Mayweather.

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Joe Sugg sends hidden message to Dianne Buswell as he spends Christmas with his family



Andrea Caamano

Joe Sugg and Dianne Buswell might be thousands of miles apart this Christmas, but they are still very much on each other’s minds.

Whilst the Strictly Come Dancing pro partner has been gushing about reuniting with her parents, her brothers and her nieces, and hitting the beach, Joe has returned to Somerset to spend time with friends and family.

The 31-year-old has been documenting his “wonderful trip to the shire” and couldn’t help but send girlfriend Dianne a hidden message.

VIDEO: Dianne comments on having children with boyfriend Joe

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Whilst gushing about his stay “at the amazing Court Farm”, a lovingly restored 16th Century farmhouse in Somerset, Joe sent Dianne a décor hint, revealing: “I kinda want our house to look like this!

Joe has travelled to Somerset to see family and friends

The gorgeous bedroom, as shown in a photo posted on his Instagram Stories, boasts a superking bed under a vintage chandelier, with an authentic barn door which opens onto a bathroom with both a huge walk-in shower and contemporary roll top bath.

Joe also praised the log burner, keeping him warm during his stay. “You cannot beat a good log burner this time of year,” he wrote.

The couple fell in love whilst taking part on Strictly Come Dancing

The theme would no doubt work well in Joe and Dianne’s country home in Sussex. The couple met on Strictly in 2018 and swapped their London flat for their first home together complete with a beautiful garden boasting uninterrupted country views.

Joe went on to reveal to his followers that he was visiting Lacock, a village in the county of Wiltshire.

“Forever grateful for this beautiful village where I grew up,” he said.

He then visited The Lacock Bakery and showed its gorgeous window display, which featured a copy of his book, Grow: How Nature Can Restore Balance in a Busy World.

“I used to go to this bakery as a toddler in my pushchair and now look! I left a special message in this book,” he remarked.

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A look inside ABC star David Muir’s intensely private personal life



Hannah Hargrave

ABC star David Muir has long kept fans guessing about his personal life, refusing to share details online or across social media sites like many of his colleagues. But fans do know that David is still on the market and he’s not married, although it remains unclear if he is even dating.

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In fact, as the video below explains, despite being connected to several other high profile TV personalities, there’s only one certain someone who does take up David’s time…

Loading the player…

Despite numerous reports of romance for the World News Tonight anchor, David has always refused to publicly address his love life, but has been vocal about a number of leading ladies who he holds dear to his heart.

Kelly Ripa is one of those special people, so much so that the Live with Kelly and Ryan star paid a heartfelt tribute to David in her book, Live Wire.

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An extract from the book – which is released on 27 September – was posted on Kelly’s Instagram Stories over the weekend, and the message is included on a page of acknowledgements.

It read: “To David Muir, you are the backbone and moral compass I need sometimes.”

Kelly and David have been close friends for years

His fellow ABC star, Amy Robach, is also a firm favorite of David’s and they have been known to spend time together both on and off-screen.

His sister, Rebecca, is close with David and he calls his many nieces and nephews his “squad,” and says he’s incredibly proud of all of them.

At home, it’s his beloved gun dog, Axel, who has his heart, as he regularly shares adorable photos with the pup, who he is clearly besotted with. 

That’s not to say he hasn’t had his fair share of marriage proposals though! Not a day goes by when he isn’t flooded with compliments from his adoring fans on social media. 

But alas, the dedicated journalist is practically married to his job, leaving little time for love!

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Al Roker sparks emotional reaction as he mourns sad loss



Jenni McKnight

Al Roker shared some sad news with fans on Thursday as he paid an emotional tribute to an influential figure in his life.

The Today star – who made a shock departure announcement this week – took to Instagram to pay his respects to legendary Jamaican-born Philadelphian producer, arranger, and songwriter Thom Bell, who sadly died aged 79, although his cause of death has not been disclosed.

WATCH: Al Roker’s health battle revealed

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Sharing a photo of Thom, Al wrote: “Legendary Philadelphia producer Thom Bell passing away at 79. His music was the soundtrack of my life.

“From The Spinners, The O’Jays, The Delfonics, The Stylistics to Elton John, he was part of that distinctive Sound Of Philadelphia. Thank you for your gift.”

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Many of Al’s followers were saddened by the news and left crying-face and praying hand emojis in the comments as well as paying their own emotional tributes to the late music star.

Al paid tribute to Thom Bell

“Such a tremendous loss of an amazing talent that was able to capture and create a sound like no other,” replied one. A second wrote: “Rest in Peace. Love the music you shared with us. Prayers for his family.”

A third shared their condolences while also wishing Al a speedy recovery, writing: “Sad news – wonderful legacy. I hope you are continuing to feel better and stronger. @todayshow is not the same without you.”

It’s been a particularly hard time for Al over the past few weeks, as not only has he been recovering after having blood clots on his lungs, but he also faced the devastating news that his sister Patricia had passed away shortly after he was discharged from hospital.

Al is recovering at home with his family

The TV star, who has been a part of Today for over 25 years, was admitted to the hospital shortly after Thanksgiving due to blood clots and remained hospitalized for over two weeks.

Al, who has taken an absence from the show ever since, gave an update to viewers from home last week. “It has been a tough slog. I’m not going to lie. It has been the hardest one yet and I’ve had my share of surgeries.

He continued: “I have a lot of things and people to be thankful for. It gives you a profound sense of gratitude for this outpouring of prayers and thanks.”

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